Canvas framing

Slotted stretcher bars for gallery wrapCanvases receive the utmost care, from traditional oils to modern-day photo-canvases. All canvases are carefully hand-stretched onto the correct, good quality mouldings.

We consult on the most appropriate stretching method, stretcher bars and hanging. Various types of stretcher moulding are on offer, all precisely measured and fitted, ranging from standard bars to premium level and gallery framing. We ensure that the frame is correctly joined, so can be further stretched as necessary.

Once complete, we advise on complementary framing to enhance the work.

We offer a huge selection of mouldings, including ‘tray’, or L-shaped canvas frames, or any of our traditional and modern frames normally available.

Komodo canvas frameWork can be further enhanced with slips, and invisible or UV glass for additional protection. Valuable pieces can be protected within the frame with use of spacers and appropriate frame-taping.

We also offer ‘canvas lamination’: transform prints, diplomas, portraits etc, with an embossed canvas-like finish with added UV and handling protection. The artwork can then be treated like any normal canvas and can be stretched and/or framed.